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BuildLAB is a cloud-based, early design stage collaboration and project management tool for owners, architects, engineers and contractors.

We make it easy for design stakeholders to track and optimize their decision-making process right from the start of design.



Ineffective communication contributes to project failure up to a third of the time (PMI, 2013).


Less than 20% of building design and construction teams use apps beyond email and phone calls to manage projects  (PlanGrid, 2017).


A central hub for building design teams.


With BuildLAB, teams can increase value to the owner, reduce waste, and maximize efficiency from the start.   

Project stakeholders working together

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Plan, coordinate and track project tasks from any device. 

BuildLAB allows project teams effectively integrate their tasks and workflows early in the design process.

Easy task scheduling and tracking.

Design powered by data.

Our project estimating and analytics tools allow project teams to optimize their decision making process, from day 1.

On-demand project estimates and data.


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